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Ms. Dean

EL Teacher

Jeannette Dean currently serves multi-lingual children as an English teacher for Elko County School District. Her philosophy is to do whatever it takes to make students want to come to school every day and make meaning from the experience.  She began teaching in one of the Nation’s most diverse school districts, after completing her Bachelor of Education at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.  Jeannette later accepted a Reading Specialist position in Reno, providing her an opportunity to earn her Masters of Literacy Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. She specializes as an English Language Instructor and once again, finds herself joyfully serving the most diverse school in her District. After 18 years in Education Jeannette has never been happier. Her caseload includes children who speak Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Twi, Tagalog, Basque, Spanish, and even cowboy!

“I have the best of all worlds living in a community that specializes in ranching and mining at the same time!”

~ Jeannette K. Dean M.ED.  

Miss Cassie


Miss Cassie is originally from the Boise Valley in Idaho, and has been happily in the Elko area for over 11 years now. She is the happy wife and mother to her Burden Crew. Miss Cassie has been working with the Mountain View family for four years now and loves each year getting to know new faces and helping students reach their goals. She enjoys family time from running races together out of town, or just hanging out at home. Miss Cassie is excited for this year and working with the awesome students and staff at Mountain View Elementary! 



Qualifying for services

Students are assessed based on home language survey completed by parents at the time of registration.

Parents are notified in writing of the results and may accept or decline EL services.



EL services take place during the Mountain View intervention block known as WIN. During WIN, every Mountain View student benefits from targeted intervention instruction.  This does not interfere with any new classroom learning. It can take place in the classroom, small groups, one-on-one, or in another location.


Monitor status

Every January, students are assessed using the ACCESS 2.0 assessment. Students who score a 4.5 or higher overall move from active to monitor status. Students are monitored for four years in the event they should require additional support.

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